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What is this stuff?

All of the items on this site are things that I have personally collected through the years. Some of these items, I have had since I was a child. Much of it was bought in my teens and twenties. I have meticulously cared for, packed, and moved these items countless times. I’m getting too old to move all of this stuff around. I just moved again! As I unpack yet again, I am more determined than ever to get rid of more stuff this year.

Every item that I ship has been lovingly cared for since the day I bought it, and will be carefully packaged and shipped with insurance.

Who made this website?

I’ve been a website developer since 1995, so no matter what I’m working on, my first idea is always to create a website about it. Rather than trying to have a rummage sale in a global pandemic while I’m not really feeling up to the physical task of it, I decided to make this online garage sale website instead.

This way, I can list my items when I have time and energy. Having a virtual rummage sale helps limit my exposure to people and the weather. I don’t have to tear my house apart and drag my possessions onto the lawn and hope someone shows up. There are so many reasons that I decided to replace a traditional rummage sale with an online yard sale instead.

I can research each item in my own time and decide on a price for it. When I have time, I can list as many or as few items as I want to each month. I can promote it when I have time or forget about it for a few weeks when I’m busy. There’s zero pressure on me to hurry up. I’m not limited to just summer months, either.

So, welcome to my online rummage sale!

I use eBay completed auctions, amazon, worthpoint, replacements ltd, and other websites to determine the listing price of each item.

Each item has been weighed and measured. There is also a handling fee for the box and packing materials. Just enter your zip code on the shopping cart page to get realtime shipping quotes from USPS.