Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions? Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Currently, I accept PayPal. Or if you are local and meeting me in person, I could accept cash if you prefer it.

This is my online garage sale. Imagine that you are standing in my front yard, browsing items in my rummage sale. Only you get to do it from the privacy of your home, in any kind of weather, no matter where you are in the USA.

My rummage sale is physically located in Menominee, Michigan. Otherwise known as “the Upper Peninsula” or “the UP”. You can browse my garage sale from any location, in any type of weather.

At this time, I do not offer gift wrap service. However if this is something that is requested by multiple people, I may offer it in the future.

By default, your items will be shipped via USPS. I am using a shipping plugin which uses realtime shipping rates from USPS. In addition, fees are added towards Handling and Packing Materials.

If you are local, I will meet you at the Menominee, MI police department to complete our transaction in front of the cameras.

After I have shipped your package, I will email you a picture of your order, a picture of the boxes, and the tracking number(s). In addition, I will update PayPal to add the tracking number(s).

By default, packages are insured for the amount that you paid for the item(s).