Immortal Eyes I: The Toybox (Changeling, The Dreaming)


This is a supplemental publication for the vintage White Wolf Changeling gaming system. Local Pickup available in Menominee, Michigan.

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This excellent condition Used / Like New Immortal Eyes I: The Toybox Book was published on December 1, 1995 and has been stored unopened in a plastic protective sleeve since I bought it.

The Shining City!Welcome to San Francisco, site of the resurgence of fae on Earth. This city is perhaps the most important to the fae, for the Glamour is more powerful here than any place on Earth. No other city contains more freeholds and magical sites than the Shining City.

The Elusive Eyes…The first part of the Immortal Eyes trilogy. The Toybox, picks up where “Toys Will Be Toys” left off. The Immortal Eyes chronicle combines a trilogy of novels with a series of game sourcebooks.

This first chronicle for Changeling: The Dreaming blends rich backgrounds and settings with the lavish characterization and tightly woven plots that only fiction can provide. In so doing, the Immortal Eyes chronicle will immerse players and readers alike in the mystical world of the Dreaming.

Immortal Eyes: The Toybox features:

  • A look into the freehold and lives of many of the fae inhabitants of San Francisco as well as a complete history and overview of the bay area.
  • Three mini-stories designed to mesh with the Immortal Eyes chronicle.
  • Details on the Immortal Eyes chronicle, allowing you to play out the story as it is in the novels, or proceed in an entirely new direction


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