Freeholds and Hidden Glens (Changeling – The Dreaming)


This is a supplemental publication for the vintage White Wolf Changeling gaming system. Local Pickup available in Menominee, Michigan.

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This excellent condition Used / Like New Freeholds and Hidden Glens (Changeling – The Dreaming) Book was published on December 1, 1995 and has been stored unopened in a plastic protective sleeve since I bought it.

Freeholds, concealed by their Glamour from the eyes of mortals, are places of splendor that dot cities and countryside across the Earth. Any site where changelings gather may become a freehold, ancient glens containing natural wellsprings of Glamour still exist today.

Freeholds and glens are fonts of Glamour, places where wondrous and magical effects are commonplace occurrences. Enchantment here is powerful: few can long resist the lure of these small islands of wonder.

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