Hasboro The Game of Life The Simpsons Edition Vintage Discontinued Game – COMPLETE


This is a complete Hasboro The Game of Life The Simpsons Edition.  This Collectible, Vintage, Discontinued Game is in very good condition and comes with ALL of the original pieces.  Three of the cards are slightly curved/bent. It weighs 2 lbs, 7oz. It measures 16″W x 10.75″L x 2.5″ high



This pre-owned “Like New” vintage table top “The Game of Life The Simpsons Edition” board game by Hasboro contains the following contents:

  • Gameboard
  • 6 Plastic car pawns
  • Pink and blue “people” pegs
  • 3 Mountains
  • Bridge
  • 7 Buildings
  • Spinner Ring, Spinner Dial, Spinner Arm, and Glamor Cap
  • Stack of play money, insurance policies, and promissory notes
  • 25 LIFE tiles
  • Deck of 36 cards
  • Banker’s tray

About this item

  • This game plays the same as The Game of Life, only everything has been Simpson-ized!
  • Filled with hilarious moments from the show and countless jokes and gags, this game will have you laughing harder than Krusty himself!
  • Spin the wheel of fate! Do good deeds to earn Life Tiles and more money down the road!
  • Will you get an education or a cool tattoo? Perhaps you’ll join The Stonecutters or catch a three-eyed fish or appear in the next McBain film!
  • Make your mark on Whacking Day and you might retire to Monty Burn’s Manor – Or forget all that and just play this great game!,_the_game_of_Simpsons_Edition.pdf

Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 16.5 × 11 × 3 in


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