Steve Jackson Games – INWO SubGenius Expansion Set Card Game – 1998


I bought this brand new in 1998 at Napoleon’s Game Store of Milwaukee (which was actually in Sheboygan way back then). I played it with friends once, and then I put it back in the box and kept it safe, knowing that someday it would be collectible, like the complete nerd that I am.  There is a bit of age and storage related scuffing on the outside of the box as pictured, but the majority of the cards are in NM condition.  The few that show a bit of scuffing on the edges, I put on top of the stack so you can see it. 100 cards, complete deck.

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Stand alone game for 2-4 players. Concept and some Art by Rev. Ivan Stang; Game by Steve Jackson. 100 compatible cards featuring original art pieces, which can be played independently, or incorporated within SJG’s sprawling ILLUMINATI NEW WORLD ORDER universe of TOTAL PARANOIA. Salvation guaranteed with purchase or triple your money back, Praise Bob! This sells between $250 – $430 on eBay!

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Dimensions 7.5 × 5.1 × .5 in


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