The Shadow Court (Changeling: The Dreaming)


This is a supplemental publication for the vintage White Wolf Changeling gaming system. Local Pickup available in Menominee, Michigan.

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This excellent condition Used / Like New The Shadow Court (Changeling: The Dreaming) Book was published on November 1, 1996 and has been stored unopened in a plastic protective sleeve since I bought it. There is a very small dent in the bottom of the front cover that must have happened during storage.

The Secrets of Winter

Tear aside the veil and learn the sinister secrets of the Shadow Court. Discover their dark rites and forbidden Arts. But beware – the Unseelie do not take kindly to those who pry into their affairs.

The Shadow Court is a complete guide to the Unseelie for both players and Storytellers. This book offers a wealth of information – from playing Unseelie characters to running Unseelie chronicles. It offers everything from new Arts, kith and noble houses to secret societies, Unseelie festivals and customs.

The Shadow Court features

  • Three new Unseelie houses of the sidhe.
  • New Arts for Unseelie characters.
  • A wealth of information on the history and culture of the Unseelie Court and the more sinister Shadow Court.

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